Peterhof (ENGLISH) Петергоф(Англ. яз.)

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Peterhof is located on the Southern cost of the Gulf of Finland, 29 kilometers away from St. Petersburg. Here a small house for Peter the Great was built in 1705, where the Tsar could take a rest on his way from Kronstadt to St. Petersburg. In 1714 the Emperor made a decision to turn Peterhof into his main out-of-town residence. Here in the 18th and the 19th centuries a grandiose complex of eleven parks, dozens of buildings, and pavilions with more than 200 fountains and numerous sculptures was formed in the area of over 1000 hectares.

The Grand Palace built to the Elizabeth in baroque style is a composition centre of the Ensemble. The Grand Fountain Cascade, which is unique both technically and artistically, form a decorative pedestal for the Palace. The Grand Cascade embellished with numerous fountains, gilded statutes, bas-relief, and vases is crowned with the sculpture group known as “Samson Tears Open the Lion’s Jaws”, which is dedicated to the victory of Russia in the Northern War.

The Grand Palace from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Days off – Monday and last Tuesday of each month.


As you travel to Peterhof, you will be given detailed information about the history of the Peterhof Road and the town of Peterhof. Upon arrival, you will embark on a comprehensive tour of the Peterhof Grand Palace and park.

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